Tulsa Oilfield Equipment

Established in 1992, Tulsa® is a technology based globalized company, concerned with the design, development, production and marketing of equipment, components and accessories for beam pumping oil and gas wells.

Since it was established, the company has experienced a sustained growth and its organizational structure has adapted to the changes produced by more competitive and demanding markets and technological developments. This growth is primarily based on the strengthening of our presence in traditional markets and our strategy of a permanent international expansion.

Company Policy

Tulsa Oilfied Equipment is a company whose mission is the design, production and commercialization of integral solutions in the oil and gas production, with the quality, technology and business profitability comparable to the models found in the international market.

Its business management is grounded in the continuous increase of added value, the incorporation of technology, the innovation, the professionalism of its personnel and the upholding of the values stated in its Code of Ethics.

The fundamental guiding principle of the organization is to take up the firm committment of complying with the technical specifications of the products it designs and manufactures and with the requirements of its clients regarding said products, now and in the future.

All the personnel members are aware of the need to comply with the customers specifications, efficiently managing the processes involved, and the present policy and associated procedures provide the necessary structure to achieve said compliance. 

The chosen managing system, in which all of the organization aspects are included, contemplates the following strategic objectives:

* Profitable growth.
* Customer satisfaction.
* Continued improvement of the processes and products.
* Personnel training and development.
* Presence in international markets.

Research & Developement

Our constant activity with the oil  companies allows us to identify the problems  and  their impact on the operating costs of pumping. From there, we look for the appropriate solutions, we develop them and adapt them to the requirements and / or needs of our customers.

Our Commitment

The distinctive element of our corporation is a continued strategy of research and evelopment, applied to the manufacture of new products that optimize the use of resources, reduce the operational cost of production and decrease pollution. This attitude, together with a permanent desire to satisfy the needs of our customers and a strong inclination towards the protection of the environment, constitute our commitment.

Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Corporations play an important role in the essential development of society. Tulsa® has assumed its social commitment from the very beginning, developing actions in the following areas:

This commitment is achived in concrete actions that we can synthesize in the following points: 

  • With clients: offering comprehensive solutions and maximizing the quality of our service.
  • With suppliers: helping their development.
  • With the environment: through environmental impact assessment.
  • With employees: applying the principle of distributive justice and endeavoring to improve the quality of life at work.
  • With youth: promoting technical training via grants, subsidies and paid practices.
  • Toward the community: helping the less fortunate members of society.

Ethics Code

Introduction: TULSA promotes the developing of a business ethics based in the principle of the common well being for all, with a sense of distributive justice and respect for all the members of the community it belongs.

TULSA is an Argentine based “PyME” (Small and Medium Business Firms) which could not attempt on its own, to erradicate injustice, discrimination and social violence, but it can strive to prevent those traits of discrimination, ill-treatment and lack of opportunities from developing within its own space.

We believe that there is no higher responsibility for the Managers of Small and Medium Business Firms (PyMEs) than that which emanates from those Managers who strive to honour their obligations toward their people, their customers, their suppliers, the government and the community in general.

We are convinced that this can be achieved generating advancement opportunities for their own personnel by means of continued courses and practical training, adequately paying for the work done, aptly and responsibly serving the customers, signing long term agreements with their suppliers and scrupulously fulfilling their tax payments.

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Tulsa is an active member of: 

Certified Quality Management System 

Tulsa Oilfield Equipment has certified its Quality Management System  according to ISO 9001:2008 with TÜV Rheinland Authority. Verify certs on TÜV website by clicking here