Success Stories

Tulsa has solved many cases thru the years.... here are some of them.

Nowadays where technology plays a fundamental role on all areas of daily life, the commercial can not be excepted. Therefore, when it comes to being competitive bet on the latest technical advances.

And in order that our current and potential customers to understand what is the core of our strength, we chose to show us through our new section "Case Studies", where we present some of our success stories in integrated solutions for Systems Survey artificial. This is to show some of the recurring problems in the field, involving direct and indirect costs, often with production stops operating companies vs our solutions and their economic benefits valued in each case.


Derrame sucesivos, que no solo generaban contaminación ambiental sino que requerían de reiteradas intervenciones para el cambio de cauchos

Existing Problem

Successive spill, which not only generate environmental pollution but required repeated interventions for a tire change (weekly ) with their respective direct and indirect costs related to production stop.

Original System: Press TEE traditional model, hercules type.
Origin: U.S.A.

Stuffing Box +Tee de Flujo+ Detector de pérdida

TULSA Solution

Stuffing Box + T + Flow Detector loss
To maneuver grampa stroke, stroke table is not needed.
Product code and value::
1-1/4” : T05010022M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1.950 USD
1-1/2” : T05010022Q _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 1.950 USD

Analysis and Outcome::
According to comments made by Ing . Diego Briñez (Production Field Dina ) , the improvement in the performance of the well has been excellent and they spent a week making stops production to almost annual preventive maintenance .

Until 22/10/10 TULSA team has not intervened , even it has not been necessary adjustment rubbers. Furthermore, it has not submitted any spill , the container detector being dry and clean loss .

Installing a preventer valve that allows us rubbers turnover in less time, more safely and without spillage was recommended.

At the time of this analysis were spent nine months without well intervention .The improvement achieved with the installation of this equipment has allowed the optimization of well production , to avoid downtime by an average loss of production of 2 barrels / hour x 2 hours per week , equivalent to a weekly value USD 45.75 ( wellhead ) x 2 x 2 hours barrels : USD 183,00- . This implies a total savings of $ 6,588 ( direct costs) , while investment in the solution, was only 1,950 USD.


Existing Problem:

In well interventions PCP equipment , necessary for pulling equipment to do the same . This implies seven field operatives working continuously for about nine hours .
The hourly cost of this support , is $ 216.00 .
Support Team Members:
1 Head of Team
1 Charge Time
1 Machinist
1 Hitch
3 Operators wellhead .

Clamp use when assembling the head of the CFP, involves some risk so uncomfortable on your location and risky in the event that the phenomenon of Back Spin occurs.

Original System:Setting mouth of traditional well , with BOP seallado , plus a safety clamp on the head.

TULSA Solution

Product Code and Price:
1-1/4” : 000C15033Q _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ USD 1.944,00
1-1/2” : 000C15033M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ USD 1.944,00
The BOP with clamp eliminates the use of grampa as it is replaced by the clamp action , and increase operational productivity , reducing the waiting time team pulling to the minimum necessary , you need to send a team Flush B.
Analysis and Outcome:
While pulling tools equipment was used in the experiment, by the fact that already there for disassembly of existing AIB , the maneuvers proved plausible to be handled by a team Flush B.
The activity presented no problem , except the need to change the inner cleats 1 ½ to 1¼ .
A to 've installed the BOP, clamping tests were performed , putting on the same screws torqued to 300 lbs / ft , and sealing , water at a pressure of 300 psi. Both tests for a period of 5 minutes. The clamping on vástagono NOT leave any marks.

After a year of having made the installation of the BOP CLAMP TULSA , users reported at least 2 interventions , involving the use of tool clamping.
With the same YPF , saved only in direct costs ( $ 216 x 9 hours x 2 days = USD 3888.00 ).